Repairing of electrical equipment and non standard electrical equipment manufacturing

SIA RKF SEDL performs repairing of electrical equipment and non standard electrical equipment manufacturing ensuring for customer following services:

  • Repairing of 6-10-20kV equipment including power transformers 20-1600 kVA, metering transformers, disconnectors, reactors, motors, generators.

For 6-10kV motors with power from 200kW till 1500 MW  SIA RKF SEDL performs manufacturing and replacement of windings sections, maintaining of stator, increasing of winding insulation level, renovation of terminal connections.

  • Low-voltage equipment repairs including repairing of 1-400 kW motors, pumps, reactive power compensation units, big power contactors, generators.

SIA RKF SEDL performs full repairing of asynchronous motors with power rating from 1kW till 400kW with replacing of windings and bearings, dynamic balancing and centering of rotor. SIA RKF SEDL has huge experience at the preventive repairing of motors with renovation of windings, bearings and geometry. Also SIA RKF SEDL has experience at the repairing of DC motors with rating from 1kW till 250kW including trams and trolleybus motors. SIA RKF SEDL performs maintenance and repairing of generators with power rating from 50kW and 1.5MW with application at the Cogeneration Plants and small Hydro Electro Stations.

  • Repairing and manufacturing of transformers

SIA RKF SEDL ensures full services for repairing of oil and dry transformers.

SIA RKF SEDL according to customer requirements manufactures one phase and three phase transformers with power rating from 1kVA and 900 kVA with IP class from 00 till 65, and any kinds of chokes, reactors, electromagnetic coils and other specific equipment.

  • SIA RKF SEDL manufactures non standard enclosures according to customer requirements.